Go Kart 150 Electric Diagram
Go Kart 150 Electric Diagram

We made a video to explain how you can redo a full wiring harness for a 150 cc Go Kart. We explained every step, including the testing with a multimeter and the electric plan.

The wiring harness is a common problem with the 150cc Go Kart. After a few years, people will start having a problem with connections, bad ground, and anything that comes with it. We did a simple video to help people bring back their machine to life and give them a simple way to redo a full wiring harness. This video only includes the basic thing you need to start the machine, and it does not include headlights, turn signal, speedometer, and all other accessories your machine might have.

This video can be used to rewire an Ace Maxxam 150, Carter Talon 150, Hammerhead 150, TrailMaster 150, and any go kart that comes with a GY6 150.

This is the electrical plan we used: (If you need any parts, the plan is clickable and will bring you to our website).

Click on the picture to download the PDF

Go Kart 150 Electric Diagram
Go Kart 150 Electric Plan

Go Kart 150 Electric Plan / Wiring Harness Clickable


      • I have a TrailMaster Blazer 4… And need some wiring help.. I can’t figure out how to connect my CDI.. wires were cut.. also no Idea is this is AC or DC.. any help will be very appreciated… I can buy the parts from the website… (No spark) to thanks

          • I also having an issue connecting my key switch.. I was trying to follow your diagram to make my go kart work. But the key switch is a 5 wire 🤔 switch and yours is only 3 (more simple) and easy to follow… What are the other 2 wires for?… Again thanks in advance… And yes is A DC

          • Found 2 types of 5 wires switch but there’s maybe more. Option 1, the key switch is the same but 2 wires are use to short the CDI and stop it from sending a signal the the ignition coil and stop the engine. Option 2, all basic 3 wires are the same, the other 2 are use when the machine is running, 1 wire is coming from the regulator and the other wire is going to supply more power to the machine when it run. You will need to test the switch and check where the wires goes to figure it out.

          • This is the comment you put on YouTube but can’t find it anymore. “Hi… I have the same engine on my TrailMaster Blazer 4. And the same wiring… Just the key switch has 5 wires… Instead of 3…. And I can’t make it work. What are the other 2 wires for? (Black,Red,Orange/Red, Black/White and Green) also all the 8 pole stators are the same or one is Ac and other DC??? Help please.”

            Green is usually ground. Black/White goes to the CDI. That might mean you have a AC CDI. When you will turn the switch to the off position, if you take a multimeter, you should have continuity between the green and black white. If yes, it is use to Kill the CDI from sending the signal to the ignition coil. As for the Stator, AC stator have 8 coils but 1 is use to the AC power the an AC CDI. The version that say DC, it mean all 8 coils are use to generate power and the CDI will be DC. You can still use an AC stator for a DC CDI but can’t use an AC CDI with a DC stator as you will not have the AC required to supply the AC CDI.

          • There’s anywhere I can send you pictures or a Video? I test the CDI of this Go kart on my other go kart (DC CDI) and it work.. all my wires are the same as the blue one on your video… (3 wires black/white) that test continuity with ground) red/orange to the solenoid, Green ground, Red to battery, black/white to CDI and splits in 3 in the back,and also black going to CDI.. Sorry for so many questions…

  1. How much would you charge to make this wiring harness for a car meter 150? Mine is trashed and I am not good at anything electrical.

  2. i need to do the same to my 2016 kandi so if u could point me the way of buying all the stuff i will need would help me out thanks

  3. So I’m replacing the wire harness and for some reason the black/red wire has continuity with the key switch off and I don’t know why

  4. Thanks for your Time and Help on Your Training video, I’ve got this Kandi CKndx.150GKA 149cc
    Go cart, It has no stop button, it has a looks to be a headlight relay, where can I found the correct wiring diagram?
    Thanks , I can not get the engine to turn over.

    • Thanks, happy it help peoples.

      The stop button is not really needed. In my case, I never use it on my machine. I turn key to the off position and the machine stop. There’s even ignition switch that when you turn them off are use for the kill switch.

      Some machine use a relay for the headlight. The relay is trigger by the ignition switch and turn on the light. The reason they do that is because some ignition switch are not rated for higher current. By putting a relay, they use a small current to trigger it and the relay power the light at higher current.

      Don’t know where you can find the plan for the Kandi 150. Don’t even know if it exist.

      If the engine do not turn over when you turn the key to the start position. Check if you have a bad solenoid or starter. You can turn the key to the accessories position. After, there’s 2 bolts on top of the solenoid. If you put a screw driver across the 2 bolts, it should engage the starter. Be careful and use protective gear required. If there’s nothing, it might be a bad starter. You can take it out and test the starter on it’s own. The case of the starter is ground and the red wire is positive.

      The most common problem with those machine are bad ground. Check all your ground, it might be as simple as that. If you have a bad ground, certain components will not work properly.

  5. I have a gy6 150cc Rocketa scooter and I wired it following your diagram and I can get it to turn over and it sounds like its gonna run but then stops and just turns over. It loses spark and I don’t understand why. I know it loses spark because I’ve put sparkplug on metal and can see it stop sparking

    • Sound like the CDI is only power when you are at the start position on your ignition switch. If you check the video again, when I do the ignition switch, there’s +12 volts coming in, one wire is accessories / CDI and the last wire goes to the starter solenoid. You only have power on the starter solenoid when the ignition switch is at the start position. If you put the CDI on this wire, it will power the CDI ONLY when you are at the start position. Soon you release the ignition switch to the accessories / CDI position, the CDI don’t have power on it anymore and the CDI stop sending the signal. Take the CDI power and put it on the ignition switch when you are on the first click / accessories of the switch. You always want power to the CDI.


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