Go Kart 150 Charging System Testing

Go Kart 150 Charging System Testing

We made a video on testing your charging system on your Go Kart 150.

The video include:
– The parts include in the charging system.
– A test on a functioning machine.
– Testing the stator and the rectifier / regulator itself separately.

The machine not running should give you between 12 to 13 volts. As you start the machine, the voltage should go up to around 14.4 volts. The stator voltage is AC, you should have more than 15 volts when testing. One of the most common problem on those machines is the ground wire to components, the wire go bad and you have lost of power or no contact anymore.

To test the stator itself, disconnect the plug, put your multi meter at 200 ohms, one lead to the yellow wire and one lead to the white wire. the reading should be between 1.2 ohm to 2 ohms.

To test your rectifier / regulator, disconnect the plug. On the rectifier, put the resistor usually use for the electric choke, the casing of the resistor should connect to where the green wire would be and the green wire from the resistor to where the red wire should be. This will discharge your regulator as it have a capacitor inside. This will help you to get accurate reading. Next, put your multi meter at 200K ohms, one lead to where the green wire should be and one lead to where the yellow should be. You should have a reading of about 100K ohms. Next, put one lead of the multi meter to where the white wire should be and one lead to where the red wire should be. You should also have a reading of 100K ohms.

If any of those test failed, the component you are testing seem in trouble and should be replace.

If you need to replace those components, we have the m in stock, ready to ship.
– Regulator / Rectifier: Regulator / Rectifier
– 8 coils stator: 8 coils stator

If your connectors are in trouble, we also carry them in stock.
– Regulator / Rectifier Connector: Regulator / Rectifier Connector
– Stator Connector: Stator Connector

If you have any questions before ordering, contact us on our store: Contact


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